Galerie Stephanie Jaax

"Trumpf" The Father of the Nation

(Video & Sculptures)

Project Space connected to Galerie Stephanie Jaax

From 04.04.2019 until 30.06.2020

92, rue Franklin
1000 Brussels

Heads painted by Baptiste Villié

Stephanie Jaax opened the Project Space Franklin 92 in April 2018, after 4 years of running the « Galerie Stephanie Jaax » in Brussels. The concept of two artists collaborating is being continued, but the themes of the exhibitions are now more specific. They evolve around what does not work in a structure, e.g. society, family,...

Located in the Schuman Quarter and in walking distance to the European Parliament and the Berlaymont building, which houses the headquarters of the European Commission, the Project Space aims to create a broader public awareness about contemporary controversial matters by means of art installations. The latter can be a work in progress, thus the viewer is able to witness their evolution.

Each project has a different theme which changes throughout the year, in this exhibition it is called: “The game of Tweets”. This short film by Zizi Rincolisky, which is projected on to the wall behind the sculptures highlights the unrestrained offenses and accusations on Twitter.

Being a psychologist and a psychoanalyst, Stephanie Jaax aims to transgress from the individual to the collective unconscious, trying to grasp that what does not work in society and to transmit this ‘thing’ through the work of art.